Firm Overview

When being accused of a crime, the accused deserves a fair trial void of any inaccurate or false accusations. Many people are penalized for crimes they did not commit or given sentences that are inconsistent with the rules of justice. This can happen for various reasons. Some attorneys are overworked, overstressed, inexperienced or unwilling to provide the time and attention to protect you in your time of need. This can result in a failure in the justice system. The only way to protect yourself against these injustices is to receive the services of a diligent and hard working attorney. In order to insure a proper defense one must be careful to find a counsel that cares about his or her client and has the willingness to fight for them. Here the client is always the firms number one concern.

In addition, our firm also offers:

  • Convenient, free consultations - Michael L. Doyle, Esquire offers free consultations to discuss your situation and the options that you have.
  • 24-hour, seven-days-a-week accessibility - Michael L. Doyle, Esquire will make himself available to clients to discuss new developments, questions or concerns that may arise. If Mr. Doyle is unable to take your call at that time he will return your call 24 hours.
  • Reasonable cost – Michael L. Doyle, Esquire provides criminal defense and other important legal services at a reasonable cost and offers convenient payment options. All major credit cards are accepted.