Big Green Egg – The original kamado (2024)


Big Green Egg – The original kamado (1)

Welcome to the Big Green Egg

Create the most beautiful moments with your Big Green Egg. Also choose the world’s most popular kamado BBQ, made from the very best ceramics. It’s not for nothing that the Big Green Egg has been The Original since 1974.

Vary your dishes and smoke, roast, steam, bake & grill. Your Big Green Egg can do it all. And so can you. Surprise yourself and your friends and enjoy.


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Celebrate 50 years with us!

This year marks the Big Green Egg’s 50th anniversary! Celebrate with us during our golden jubilee year. We are going all out. Take a quick look for all promotions, offers, product launches and other activities. Take advantage of great offers on the Big Green Egg Medium and the Modular EGG Workspace, among others, all year round. This is the year to give your outdoor kitchen that fantastic upgrade. Let’s go for gold!

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Roasted whole turbot
Iberico rib fingers
Maine lobster rolls
Coca-Cola spare ribs
Southern style spoonbread

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Pure Charcoal

Better for the environment and better for you. With Big Green Egg Pure Charcoal, Big Green Egg is becoming even greener: low in dust, practically smoke-free and with an extremely long burn time. With the highly sustainably produced Pure Charcoal, you are opting for a unique, very pure charcoal of the best quality.

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Big Green Egg MINI Never a day without your EGG More information
Big Green Egg MINIMAX™ The most compact member of the family More information
Big Green Egg SMALL The small outdoor kitchen that performs fantastically More information
Big Green Egg MEDIUM Enjoying food together with family and friends More information
Big Green Egg LARGE The all-rounder with extensive possibilities More information
Big Green Egg XLARGE Oversized culinary enjoyment More information
Big Green Egg 2XL The perfect EGG for large events More information



50 years of Big Green Egg The history of The Evergreen Over the past 50 years, Big Green Egg has become a globally loved brand. Something Ed Fisher, founder of Big Green Egg Inc, never dreamed of in the 1970s when he introduced the kamado to the Western world and perfected the details of the cooking appliance. Discover the extraordinary history of The Evergreen here. Read more
Smoking wood, what to use when Smoking with wood chips, wood chunks and wooden grilling planks Fancy some smoked salmon or a delicious smoked duck breast? You can prepare them yourself on the Big Green Egg! Thanks to the lid you can easily transform an EGG into a real smoker. The unique ceramic material keeps your ingredients juicy and ensures a constant temperature. But which smoking wood should you use for which purpose? Read more
Slow cooking Slow cooking is hot! And rightly so, because large pieces of meat that are cooked slowly in the Big Green Egg are super tasty and juicy. It may sound complicated, but nothing could be further from the truth. Slow-cooking is, in fact, a super simple cooking process, and using a core thermometer will ensure the meat is cooked to perfection every time. Read more
Wintertime. Cookingtime. The tastiest BBQ recipes for winter How often do you ignite the charcoal in your Big Green Egg in winter? Less often than in spring, summer and autumn? What a shame! In the winter months there are loads of seasonal ingredients and seasonal dishes that taste even better when you prepare them on your Kamado. In short, it’s grilling in winter time! Read more

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Big Green Egg Product Magazine

Whether you are looking for the essentials or want to push your limits with the latest accessories. In the Big Green Egg product magazine you will find everything you can get for your Big Green Egg. Download the magazine or pick it up at a Big Green Egg point of sale near you.


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The real EGG fan will always stand out due to his passion for food and because he prefers to spend his time in front of his Big Green Egg. Then again, his hoodie and socks may be a dead giveaway. You can find these and other original gift tips in our Fan Shop.

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Big Green Egg – The original kamado (2024)
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