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How do I deliver permissible items to an inmate/resident?

You will need to contact the facility’s Operations Division Manager, that information can be located in the contact information on this website. The Operations Division Manager will determine if the inmate/resident is permitted to utilize the item during the inmate/resident’s detention. If approved, you must bring the item to the front desk employee of the facility the inmate/resident is being held. If the inmate is detained at the Adult Detention Center, you may drop the item off Monday through Friday, 8am – 5pm. If the resident is detained at the Juvenile Detention Center, you may drop the item off Monday through Friday, 8am – 1130am or 1230pm – 5 pm.

How do I put money on an inmate/resident’s account?

See inmate funds section of this website.

How do I post an inmate/resident’s bond?

Typically, only adult offenders have bonds. However, under special circ*mstances a juvenile may be granted a bond. If you are inquiring about a bond for a juvenile, you will need to contact the Juvenile Detention Center at 785-251-7701.

If you are posting a bond for an adult offender who has a CA (cash) bond, you will be required to pay the full amount of the bond in cash at the public access window of the Adult Detention Center’s booking area.

If you are posting a bond for an adult offender who has a PS (professional surety) bond, you will have to contact a bondsman to post the bond.

If you are posting a bond for an adult offender who has an ORC, ORCD, or CS (own recognizance with cash, own recognizance with cash deposit, or cash deposit) bond, you will have to pay ten percent of the bond amount in cash only at the public access window of the Adult Detention Center’s booking area.

If the adult offender has a WS (with surety) bond, in some cases the judge will allow a family member to sign for the offender. A professional bond will also satisfy this type of bond.

How do I keep in contact with an inmate/resident?

Inmates/residents are allowed to write and receive letters while detained. All incoming and outgoing mail is subject to an inspection to prevent contraband from entering the facility. All mail must be received through the U.S. Postal Service. Inmates/residents are not allowed to receive cash, packages, or pictures/photos containing p*rnography.

Legal mail, publications, and money orders must be sent to:

The mailing address for the Adult Detention Center is:
501 SE 8th Street
Topeka, KS 66607

The mailing address for the Juvenile Detention Center is:
401 SE 8th Street
Topeka, KS 66607

All other personal mail for inmates/residents must be addressed to:

Inmate/Resident Legal Name & ID Number
c/o Securus Digital Mail Center - Shawnee County Corrections
PO Box 650
Lebanon, MO 65536

Inmates/residents are allowed to make collect calls while being detained. In order to receive a call from an inmate/resident, the party will need to ensure they do not have a block on their phone restricting collect calls and will need to accept the collect call from the inmate/resident..

How do I restrict an inmate/resident from contacting me at home/work?

If you are receiving calls from an inmate/resident and you wish to have the inmate/resident restricted from calling you, you will need to contact Lt. Matt Biltoft via email at [emailprotected]

How do I pickup an inmate/resident’s property?

During detention an inmate/resident will only be authorized to release financial cards, cell phones, keys, and food assistance cards (if the inmate/juvenile is not the authorized card holder and the person to receive the released card can demonstrate he/she is the authorized card holder). The inmate/resident’s property shall not be released until the inmate/resident receives prior written approval from the facility’s Operations Division Manager.

An adult inmate may release his/her other personal property to a third party. The inmate shall purchase a prepaid mail envelope/box from the Operations Division Manager. The inmate may mail the envelope/box to an address of his/her choosing at the inmates' expense or use the envelope/box in order to package the property and have the property picked up by an authorized person. The authorized person shall have sixty (60) days from the inmate's release to pick up the prepaid mail envelope/box of property. If the property is not picked up within sixty (60) days, the property shall be considered abandoned property and shall be destroyed in accordance with department procedures. The agency reserves the right to charge a processing fee for the release of any property that the inmate did not have during initial in-processing, which shall be paid by the inmate or the person picking up the property before the property is released.

If you are picking up an inmate/resident’s property because the inmate/resident is being released from the ADC/JDC to another facility, you can pick up that property at the ADC/JDC front lobby during regular business hours. You will be required to show a valid picture identification card such as a valid Kansas driver’s license.

How do I find out an inmate’s court date?

Frequently Asked Questions · Programs · Department of Corrections (Shawnee County, Kansas) (2024)
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